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How to spoof Pokemon Go location with Spoofer Go

January 29, 2023

Play Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon in this digital age, with millions of devoted players spanning the globe. This location-based augmented reality game uses your phone’s GPS location to give you access to pokemons in your locality. But this can be quite limiting for those living in rural areas or certain parts of the world where there are very few pokemons to hunt. Fortunately, there is a way to change your GPS location in Pokémon Go and spoof Pokemon Go on iOS device so you can access rare pokemons from all around the world without ever having to leave your home.

Spoofer Go is a hacked spoofing App that allows players to cheat by modifying their GPS location. With Spoofer Go fake GPS App, you can easily fake GPS location to any other region globally and participate in various raid battles to capture legendary pokemons. It also offers various cracking functions to meet the various gaming needs of players.

This article will discuss using Spoofer Go for GPS spoofing in Pokemon Go. We will look at spoofing GPS location in-depth and share tips and tricks to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

So let’s dive right in!

How to spoof Pokemon Go (Tutorial for Spoof Go)

While many GPS Pokémon Go spoof Apps are available online, the Spoofer Go fake GPS location App is one of the most reliable and user-friendly options. With Spoofer Go, you’re sure that Pokemon Go will not trace your location as it masks your IP address. This makes it one of the safest options for location spoofing.

After understanding the main features of Spoofer Go, you can download it from Spoofer Go’s official website to experience it. But many players may not know how to enable these GPS spoofing functions on iOS device, don’t worry. This article has compiled the most comprehensive and detailed tutorials. Please read on.

How to change location in Pokemon Go?

Many players want Pokemon Go GPS spoof to get Pokemon in other locations. To successfully fake GPS location without getting discovered by Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go, use Spoofer Go. The teleporting feature allows players to choose a new in-game location.

Follow these steps to fake GPS location in Pokemon Go using Spoofer Go:

How to teleport location in Pokemon Go?

Method 1: Use Spoofer Go Location

1. Open Pokemon Go GPS spoofing App, click the menu icon in the upper left corner, click the “Location,” and enter a coordinate.

2. Then, you can choose to Teleport to the Location. That is, you will instantly move to the target location. Or Choose to Walk to the Location. However, choosing a location far away may take a long time.

3. If you don’t know where to teleport, click “Popular Locations” the system will sort out 72 popular addresses for you, and you can also visually see the distance and CD time.

Method 2: Use Spoofer Go Map

1. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, and click the “Map.

2. You can choose any location by zooming in or zooming out and moving the map, clicking on the red marker, and a “Go to Location” prompt will appear, and you can choose to teleport or go to the virtual location according to your needs.

pokemon go map

In addition to teleporting, you can use Map to see nearby epic Pokémon hotspots, pokestops, and gyms. Click the small icon above the Map, and the nearby Pokémon will be arranged according to distance. You can choose the Pokémon you want to teleport to the virtual location.

How to use the joystick in Pokemon Go iOS

The Pokemon Go joystick lets you control your character’s movement within the game using an on-screen joystick. So you can auto-walk by enabling this feature to play the Pokemon Go game. This is useful if you want to sit back and relax while playing the game without manually moving your character around.

Spoofer Go GPS spoofing App has the Pokemon Go joystick 2023 feature, which allows you to conveniently control your character’s movement with a joystick on iOS devices.

Here are the steps to enable it:

1. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, click Settings, enable the “Show Joystick” option in the options, and click Done in the upper right corner.

2. Return to the game interface, and you can see a virtual joystick next to the task.

3. Press and hold the joystick and move in any direction, and the character will walk in the direction you move.

How to tap to walk?

Tap to walk is a great feature that allows you to move your trainer character to any place within your locality in the game with a simple tap. You can also increase the speed you walk to the place you tapped.

To use the feature:

pokemon go tap to walk

1. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner.

2. Turn on “Tap to Walk” in the settings, and click “Done.”

3. Click any location on the map around the character, and the player will automatically walk to the target location.

How to set walking speed in Pokemon Spoofer Go?

Walking speed is important in Pokemon Go as it allows you to explore more areas and collect more items. By increasing your walking speed, your character can cover more ground in less time, hatch eggs faster, and more efficiently collect items.

Enable the walking speed feature in Spoofer Go using these steps:

1. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner.

2. Then, tap the icon that resembles a speedometer.

3. Enter a number for your character’s walking speed. The generally recommended speed here is 10 (km/h) as it is fast enough and won’t generate a warning.

4. Press the “Confirm” button to save your settings.

5. After setting, the character will walk according to the set speed.

In addition to the above-mentioned helpful Pokemon Go location spoofing methods, Spoofer Go iOS App has many practical customization functions that can help players make the most out of their gaming experience. We’ll discuss more of these features in the next sections.

How to Check IVs previews in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon IVs or Individual Values are hidden stats that you can use to determine the strength of a Pokemon. Knowing a Pokemon’s IVs can help players decide which Pokemon to keep and which ones to trade away.

Spoofer Go has an “IVs Preview” feature that makes it easy to preview the IV stats of any Pokemon before you catch it.

Follow the steps below to use the Pokemon Go IVs Preview feature:

1. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then click “Settings.”

2. Enable “IV Previews” and click “Done.”

Go back to the game page, select any Pokémon to start catching, and see the Pokémon’s IV level in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. After clicking, more detailed “Attack,” “Defence,” and “Stamina” values will be displayed. Each value has a total score of 15, and the higher the IV of the Pokémon with the higher three values, the better the quality of the Pokémon and the more worthy of cultivation.

4. Click “Cancel” to cancel the capture and look for a better one.

Using IV Previews can help you quickly identify higher-quality Pokemon and make better decisions when catching Pokemon. With this feature, you can strengthen your Pokémon to ungodly levels and make them competitively viable.

How to mod Catch Settings

Using a curveball to catch Pokémon can increase your chances of success, and if you’re not good at throwing a curveball, use Spoofer Go’s Modified Throw feature to make it do it automatically! Moreover, Spoofer Go can also modify the alert for catching Pokémon. This is perfect for players who need to complete alert tasks. The task must throw more than 5 “Great” rows. You must restart the calculation if one of you fails to achieve the goal. Therefore, this task also has a certain degree of difficulty. You can turn on the Modified Throw function in Spoofer Go and choose your desired result. In the following process of catching Pokémon, it will automatically capture and modify the alert results to help you complete the task easily.

Modified Catch Settings

How to kill Team Rocket in one hit

Team Rocket is famous for its oath. Their ultimate goal is to steal Pokémon and gain power.

In Pokemon Go, Team Rocket will appear periodically, and you’ll have to battle them. If you want to beat them in one hit, you need to use powerful Pokemon with solid moves.

Walking around the map, you often see black hot air balloons landing at nearby supply depots. At this time, the supply station is occupied by the Rockets. Players need to defeat the Rockets to obtain the rewards of the supply station or rescue the trapped Pokémon.

Before starting the battle with the Rockets, they will say a word to intimidate their opponents. At the same time, players can also use words to determine what type of Pokémon they will send. As a player, you can prepare Pokémon with corresponding restraint attributes to fight before the battle to win the battle.

At this time, the IV and level of the Pokémon are essential. Pokémon that are not strong enough will most likely not win battles and will need medical treatment.

If you can’t break through yourself in the short term, you can turn on “Team Pocket – One Hit” in the menu settings. In the next battle with the Rockets, you can kill any Pokémon with one hit. You can easily defeat Team Rocket in one hit and get the rewards they drop.

1. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then click “Settings.”

2. Enable “Team Rocket – One Hit” and click “Done.

How to enable modified thow

A good throw gives you many benefits, such as a better chance at catching Pokémon, higher experience points, and greater rewards. For example, If a throw is accurate enough, it will grant the player bonus items or rare candy, which can be used to power up and evolve their Pokemon.

If a player gets an Excellent Throw bonus, they will be rewarded with additional experience points and stardust to power up their Pokemon. Experience points are also essential for increasing a player’s level and unlocking new items, rewards, and features.

A good throw also increases the chances of hatching eggs significantly. The more precise and consistent your throws are, the more likely you will get lucky and hatch an egg sooner than later!

To improve the throwing accuracy and make it easier to hit Excellent Throws, you can use Spoofer Go’s “Modified Thow” feature. This feature allows you to adjust your throw’s strength, accuracy, and curve.

To use it, follow these steps:

1. Throw the Pokéball in the middle of the screen toward the Pokémon. If it hits, the Pokémon will be absorbed into the Pokéball. The Pokéball may also run away after shaking.

2. If you want to improve the capture rate, click “Throw” in the settings of the menu icon in the upper left corner, and enable the “Enable Modified Thow” function.

3. Choose “normal” and “Nice” according to your personal preferences or task requirements. “Great,” “Excellent,” and “Random” are the hit effects.

Using a curveball can significantly increase the catch rate. The method of operation is to quickly spin the poke ball clockwise/counterclockwise before throwing it.

If you’re worried you’re not doing well, Spoofer Go can help you with auto-spins. You need to turn on the “Curveball” function in the settings at the same time. This will automatically turn into a curveball when you catch Pokémon in the future. Throwing the curveball is also sometimes a task.

How to skip animations

Suppose you want to skip all kinds of boring and repetitive animation effects in the game, such as animations when the eggs hatch, Pokémon evolves, cleanses Pokémon, meg evolves, or gets new Pokedex entries. In that case, Spoofer Go can help you skip these animations.

To do this:

1. Click Settings in the top left menu icon

2. Then enable “Skip Animations.”

3. Ensure it is set to “On” to skip animations during battle, hatching eggs, and other events.

This way, you can enjoy faster gameplay without compromising quality and waiting for the animations to finish. Other benefits of skipping animations would be saving your phone’s battery life, increasing the game’s speed, and reducing distractions.

Last word about Spoofer Go

Apart from powerful modification functions such as Pokemon Go GPS spoofer and joystick for tapping to walk, Spoofer Go also has many cracked functions waiting for you to discover and use. With the help of Spoofer Go, you can play Pokémon more simply and easily.

Spoofer Go is the perfect way to get the most out of your Pokémon Go experience. It can give you an unfair advantage, help you quickly level up, and make the game much more enjoyable. Try it out today and see what a difference it can make!

FAQs about spoof Pokemon Go

Q: Is Spoofer Go free?
A: Yes, using Spoofer Go’s basic features is free. However, if you want to unlock more advanced features and functions, you must upgrade to a premium account.

Q: Is Spoofer Go safe to use?
A: Yes, Spoofer Go is safe to use. It uses the latest technologies and encryption protocols to secure your account and personal data. Also, the app regularly updates its security protocols to keep up with Niantic’s countermeasures.

Q: Will I have to Jailbreak my iPhone to use Spoofer Go?
A: You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to use Spoofer Go. It’s designed to work with both iOS and Android devices without jailbreaking.


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