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Guides to catching the best pokemon in Pokemon Go 2022

March 29, 2023

If you are looking for the best Pokemon of 2022/2023, which will help you in your battles and help you rise up quickly among the ranks of top players, now you have come to the right place. This blog will enlist the best 10 Pokémons and their attacks with power levels and famous finding spots. And that’s not all; we will also tell you a secret about how to catch these Sharp Pokemon, even with 90+ flee rates quickly. So, keep reading if you want to about these Pokemon along with much other stuff.

best pokémon in Pokemon Go 2022

Best 10 Pokémon of 2022/2023 in the Pokemon Go Game

i) Mew

ii) Ditto

iii) Lugia

iv) Arceus

v) Kyurem

vi) Gengar

vii) Zacian

viii) Lucario

ix) Pikachu

x) Mewtwo

i) Mew

best pokemon in pokemon go 2022 mew

Mew is a mythical Pokemon in the animated series and the Pokemon Go game because it’s scarce and hard to find. It packs very strong 30+ attack moves like;


PsyshockSurfBull DozeHyber BeamThunderStone EdgeAncient Power

Solar Beam

38.6 DPS38.9 DPS38.2 DPS22.9 DPS39.5 DPS41.7 DPS43.5 DPS20 DPS36.7 DPS

And above all, Mew’s most unique attack is Mystical Mirage;

“In Mystical Mirage, Mew creates a field in a certain area, and in this field, it becomes invisible, along with other Pokemon in this field.”

Mew is most robust against Tyranitar and weakest against Absol.

ii) Ditto

best pokemon in pokemon go 2022 ditto

You can catch them all Pokemon or catch a Ditto because it is a Pokemon that can mimic the appearance and attaching abilities of any Pokemon specie. It should be noted that Ditto attacks may not be as much strength as the actual Pokemon specie, but they do pack a punch.

Ditto is unavailable in Eggs, so the only way to get it is by catching it in the wild. However, Ditto is always present in the Disguose form of other Pokemon, and it has a shallow catch rate of 20%, so it is tough to catch.

iii) Lugia

best pokemon in pokemon go 2022 lugia

Lugia is a legendary Pokemon with Psychic & Flying abilities. The maximum CP level of Lugia is 3703. It packs a lot of powerful attacks like;

 Extrasensory Aeroblast Dragon Tail Hydro Pump Future Sight Sky Attack
13.1 DPS63.5 DPS13.6 DPS39.4 DPS53.3 DPS48 DPS

Lugia is vulnerable to Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Dark moves. Lugia is unavailable from eggs, and you can only find it in Pokémon Go by completing a Research Breakthrough. And it has only a 2% catch rate, which makes it very rarest.

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iv) Arceus

best pokemon in pokemon go 2022 arceus

Arceus is a Mythical Pokemon and is said to have existed before Pokemon began. It has a 3989 CP level, and some of its powerful attacks include;

 Hyper BeamShadow ClawFuture SightOutrageIron Tail
47.4 DPS12.9 DPS44.4 DPS28.2 DPS13.6 DPS

Arceus can be caught in Pokémon Go after completing some near-to-impossible requirements, one of which is to catch 239 of 242 total Pokemon before catching Arceus.

v) Kyurem

best pokemon in pokemon go 2022 kyurem

Kyurem is a legendary Ice-Type and Dragon-Type Pokemon. It can reach a max CP of 2553. Some of its powerful attacks include;

Dragon BreathSteel Wing BlizzardDraco MeteorDragon Claw Glaciate

Icy Wind

14.4 DPS13.8 DPS50.3 DPS50 DPS35.3 DPS76.8 DPS21.8 DPS

Kyurem is found in the Unova region, and its spawn location is unexpected. Kyurem is weak against Fighting type pokémon, Rock, Dragon type attackers, Steel, and Fairy-type attacks.

vi) Gengar


Gengar is a ghost-type and Poison Type Pokemon with a max CP level of 2878. It has a lot of attacks and moves like;


Shadow clawSucker PunchHexLickShadow Ball Sludge BombDark Pulse

Focus Blast

32.1 DPS28.2 DPS10 DPS10 DPS12 DPS40 DPS41.7 DPS26.7 DPS40 DPS

Being a Ghost-type, it is immune to normal & fighting attack Pokemon. It is also super effective against other Ghost & Psychic Pokemon.

The best way to catch a Grengar is from the wild, trade it from an NPC, or hatch it from eggs (ghastly will hatch, then you will need to evolve it to a Haunter and then into a Grengar). When fighting against Greangar, use Ground, Ghost, Psychic, and Dark moves.

vii) Zacian


Zacian is a Fairy-type Pokemon with a Max CP level of 3829. A Zacian can absorb metal particles and convert them into weapons to battle other Pokémon. Zacians are strong against Steel-type Pokemon.

Some of its best moves & attacks are;

Quick Attach 

 Metal Claw Fire Fang Snarl Iron Head Play Rough Wild Charge  Close Combat
10 DPS11.4 DPS13.3 DPS10.9 DPS31.6 DPS37.2 DPS43.5 DPS34.6 DPS

Zacian is also known as Legendary Hero Pokemon, and just like most legendary Pokemon, you can find them in five-star raid battles. And you can’t get them from an egg.

viii) Lucario


Lucario is a Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon with a max CP of 2703. Besides Cool looks, it is strong against Ice, Rock, and Fairy type Pokemon. Its moves are;

CounterAura Sphere Bullet Punch Flash CannonShadow Ball Power-up Punch

Close Combat

16 DPS60 DPS12 DPS44.4 DPS33.3 DPS30 DPS52.2 DPS

Lucario can only be evolved from Riolu in Pokémon Go. And Riolu can only be hatched from eggs, such as;

  • Gift eggs
  • PokéStop/Gym Eggs
  • Adventure Sync 50-km Reward Eggs

ix) Pikachu


Who doesn’t love Pikachu; it is the single-most Pokemon that every Pokemon series fan wants to own, no matter its power level or attacks ( CP 938 ). There are 17 different forms of Pikachu available in the Pokémon Go game.

We all know that Ash Pikachu has beaten powerful Pokemon using attacks like;

Thunder ShockQuick AttackPresentDischargeThunder BoltThunderWild ChargeSurf
10 DPS10 DPS3.8 DPS31.2 DPS38.4 DPS50 DPS41.5 DPS38.2 DPS

Pikachu is not rare, and you can find them;

  • In the wild, especially near Power plants and science museums.
  • You can also hatch Pichu from 2 km eggs and then evolve them into Pikachu.
  • The easiest method to get a Pikachu is to walk away 3-times from your starter Pokemon and then Pikachu will appear.

x) Mewtwo


Mewtwo is a Psychic and shadow form Pokemon with a max CP range from 4100 to 4700+. Shadow Mewtwo is a legendary Pokemon with a lot of Powerful attacks like;

Psychic Ice Beam Psystrike  Confusion Thunder BoltShadow Blast Flame thrower Focus BlastHyper beam
38.6 DPS27.3 DPS47 DPS15 DPS32 DPS33.3 DPS31.8 DPS40 DPS39.5 DPS

Mewtwo can’t be caught in the wild or hatched from eggs. You can only get a Mewtwo from special 5-star raids or purify from the shadow version.

How to catch the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go 2022?

In the Pokémon Go game, the best Pokémon can be found in 3-ways;

  • In Raids
  • In the Wild
  • Hatched from Eggs

It is not easy to find a Pokemon in the wild. You may have to search hundreds of areas and wait for days, weeks, or sometimes days to find a specific Pokemon.

Let’s say you found a Pokemon; catching them may take many tries, and some Pokemon have a 90% or more flee rate after the first failed-to-catch attempt. Then you must find it again for days and try to catch it.

And in the case of eggs, you may have to walk up to 5 or 12 km to find a specific egg, and the chances of hatching your desired Pokemon from these eggs are also low.

So, in short, finding & catching Pokemon in the game is no easy thing, but with the help of some cheat Apps, you can find Pokemon instantly and catch them without a hassle. And one such hack App is “Spoofer Go.”

How to catch Sharp Pokemon with Spoofer Go?

Spoofer Go is a different hacked version game of the official Pokémon Go game, and it allows for Location Spoofing & Easy Catching, along with many other beneficial cheat features.

When you encounter a Sharp Pokemon, you can catch it easily using the following features of Spoofer Go;

Firstly, download and install Spoofer Go from their official website via Panda Helper‘s third-party App store.

downlload spoofer go from panda

Then, launch the Spoofer Go > and open its Main Menu ( icon on the upper left side ).

Now, click on the “Throw” option.

spoofer go throw

In the new window, switch on all the Pokeball throw features and choose the “Excellent Throw” option.

Then, go back to the Main Menu list and choose “Settings.”

spoofer go settings

Lastly, look for the “Freeze Pokemon” option in the Setting Window and turn it on.

spoofer go freeze pokemon

Now, when you throw the Pokeball, it will be at its best cathing angle, and the Pokemon will freeze ( unable to move ), so you can catch it quickly.

What island path is best in Alola to Alola for Pokémon Go Players?

Once players complete step 3 of Alola to Alola Research, they will be given 4 Islands Path Choices, such as;

i) Akala Island Path

ii) Melemele Island Path

iii) Poni Island Path

iv) Ula’Ula Island Path

It is important to note that each island path has different challenges and rewards. And Once you choose a path, it can’t be changed. So, choose it wisely. Below we will enlist all the necessary details about these paths;




Akala Island Path

 ● Walk for 7km (1 Incense)


● Hatch 3-eggs (1 Super Incubator)

● Spin at 10 Gyms / PokeStops ( fifteen Ultra-Balls)

● Finish at least three 3 Field-Research Jobs (1 Star Piece)● Take 5-snapshots of wild Pokemon (3 Golden Razz Berries)

● 2 x Incubators


● 1 x P’au Style Oricorio Hat

● Alolan Marowak Encounter

Melemele Island Path

● Send 15 gifts to friends (1 Poffin)

● Trade Pokemon 3 times (1 Star Piece)● Make a new friend (1 Lure Module)● Take 5-snapshots of wild Pokemon (15 Ultra Balls)● Earn 10-hearts with your buddy (3 Golden Razz Berries)

● 4 x Lucky Eggs

 ● 1 x Pom-Pom Style Oricorio Hat● Alolan Raichu Encounter



Poni Island Path

● Power up Pokemon 10 times (1 Star Piece)


● At least beat four Team Rocket members (15 Ultra Balls)

● Beat at least One Team GO Rocket Leader (3 Golden Razz Berries)

● At least Battel 10 times in the GO Battle League ( 1 Rocket Radar)

● Win 3 trainer battles in the GO Battle League (1 Premium Battle Pass)

● 3 x Star Pieces



● 1 x Sensu Style Oricorio Hat


● Alolan Exeggutor Encounter

Ula’Ula Island Path

 ● Catch 30 Pokemon (1 Glacial Lure Module)


● Make 10-curveball throws (15 Ultra Balls)

● Use 15 berries to help catch Pokemon (1 Star Piece)

● Make 5-nice curveball throws in a row (3 Golden Razz Berries)

● Catch 15 different species of Pokemon (1 Magnetic Lure Module)

● 4 x Incense



● 1 x  Baile Style Oricorio Hat


● Alolan Vulpix Encounter

As you can see, each island path offers different adventures, and none is better or worse than the other. And which path is best depends on Player preferences, for example;

Akala Island Path offers a lot of traveling and an Alolan Marowak. So, players who like this Pokemon and want long adventures can choose this path.

Melemele Island Path has challenges involving sending gifts and making new friends. So, it is best for social nature persons.

Poni Island Path offers a lot of battling challenges with other players & Team Rocket. So, choose this path if you want to enhance your fighting skills.

Ula’ula Island Path offers a lot of Pokemon-catching chances because it has the longest journey among other paths. So, if you want to increase your Pokemon collection, choose this path.

Pokémon Go hatching chart – 2023 updated

If you are looking to find out which Pokemon will be available in eggs according to their distance, then you can see below;

   2 km Eggs 5 km Eggs 7 km Eggs10 km Eggs
 Pokemon● Trapinch


● Cottonee

● Igglypuff

● Bell Sprout


● Shinx


● Gligar

● Bonsly

● Macho

● Frillish

● Shieldon

● Happiny

● Cranidos


● Hisuian Growlithe


● Hisuian Voltorb

● Hisuian Qwilfish

● Hisuian Sneasel

 ● Gible


● Goomy

● Tyrunt

● Dratini

● Beldum

● Amaura

● Rockruff

● Jangmo-o

● Togedemaru

How to hatch eggs without walking in Pokémon Go

We know that walking for 2 or 10 km in hot sunny, or cold weather is not possible to get an Egg that doesn’t even guarantee that your desired Pokemon will hatch from it. However, there are many hack software which allow you to get an egg without even getting out of your home or even lifting a foot.

One such Magical software is Spoofer Go, which you can use by following below step-by-step guide;

Install Spoofer Go from one of the methods listed on their official website (preferably via Panda Helper Store, which requires no jailbreaking of your iOS device).

Now, open the Spoofer Go app and click the upper left corner Menu icon to open the hack features list.

Then, click on the “Map” from the given list.

spoofer go map

Finally, a Virtual Map of your nearby place. You can click to the nearest egg distance in this app, and then it will ask you to either Teleport or Walk. It is better to choose to walk for short distances, which will make it look more realistic.

Afterward, adjust the speed you want to move and press enter. Now, your Pokémon Go game character will automatically move while you can sit at home and relax.

pokemon go coordinates

What is the Pokemon Go Gym coin limit?

pokemon go coin limited

“Pokemon Go Coins are the currency in the game, just like the dollar is in the real world. These coins are used to purchase in-game items & services.”

In Pokemon Go, you can get coins in 2-ways;

i) You can buy coins with real money from an in-game store

ii) You can get coins for free by leaving your Pokemon at a Gym

There is no limit on buying the coins, which is evident because Niantic likes money, but you can only get 50 coins for free per day from Gyms, and this limitation is called Gym Coin Limit.

To get free Gym coins, you will need to leave a Pokemon at a Gym so it can defend it, and while doing it, Niantic awards Pokemon free coins.

However, you will only collect these coins from your Pokemon when it is kicked out from the Gym, which creates a big problem because sometimes it stays in a Gym for days, collects hundreds of Coins, and when it gets kicked out, you can only collect 50 coins of that day while rest of the coins go to waste.

In such cases, you can leave various Pokemon at different Gyms, so at least 1 can get kicked out from a Gym, and you can collect its 50 coins. In this way, none of your days will go wasted.


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