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How to quick catch Pokemons in Pokemon Go 2024

December 19, 2023

Catching Pokémon is the core gameplay of Pokemon Go, and every player should know more about the techniques for catching Pokémon. This article will recommend you two methods on how to quick catch in Pokemon Go, let’s get started.

Today, I would like to introduce to all Pokemon Go a practical and effective technique for skipping the capture animation to help players save capture time.

How to quick catch in Pokemon Go – not 100% catch

In the entire process of capturing Pokémon, what we can control is the time of manual capture, but the animation during capture is unavoidable. Here are a few tricks that allow players to get the Pokémon directly without wasting time watching the catching animation.

First, c lick on the Pokemon you want to capture to enter the capture phase.

Then, press and hold the Poke Ball or Berry icon with your left hand, but do not actually use it. Keep pressing.

Next, drag the Poké Ball in the middle with your right hand and spin it towards the Pokémon. When the Poké Ball lands, release your left hand and click the button on the upper left corner of the screen to exit.

Then check in your Pokédex to see whether the Pokémon you just captured was successful or escaped.

Note: This method can only skip watching the capture animation and does not guarantee 100% capture success.

Players who don’t know how to operate can view more related videos to learn and practice. Helps you save more time when catching Pokémon.

How to quick catch in Pokemon Go – 100% catch

Another easy way to skip animations is to play Pokémon with Spoofer Go. But, before starting the steps, you need to know what Spoofer Go is.

What is Spoofer Go?

Spoofer Go is a cracked version of Pokemon Go. In this version, players can catch Pokémon on the map by spoofing their location without leaving home.

How to quick catch Pokemon via Spoofer Go?

First, you need to install Spoofer Go on your device. Before doing this, you need to uninstall Pokemon Go downloaded from the App Store.

Next, download Spoofer Go from the Spoofer Go official website to your device.

spoofer go

After successful installation, you can see the same game icon as the official version on your phone.

Click on Spoofer Go, log in with your previous account or create a new account to play. The purpose of creating a new account is to prevent cheating from being discovered by the authorities and resulting in the account being banned and loss of game data.

Then click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then click “Settings” at the bottom, and in the “Skip Animation” column, turn on the animation you want to skip “Skip Catch Animation” or “Skip other Animation”.

how to quick catch pokemon go

Tips: here you can skip egg hatching, Pokemon evolution, Pokemon Mega evolution, Purifying Pokemon and new Pokedex entry animations.

Now, go back to the home page and start catching Pokémon, you will skip the catching animation directly. Combined with the throwing effect in “Throw Setting”, it is guaranteed that you can skip the animation and successfully catch the Pokémon 100% of the time. It greatly improve capture efficiency, if you want to get more experience and other rewards by catching a lot of Pokémon.

pokemon go throw setting

Tips: More about Spoofer Go

Both of the above methods can skip the capture animation. The difference is that the method in the original version is more demanding on the player’s coordination and requires manual operation. Spoofer Go’s method doesn’t need to be so complicated, and you can set the captured results according to your preferences.

In addition to simple skipping animations, Spoofer Go also has many powerful cracking functions. Spoofing location can be regarded as the most important function.

In this version of Spoofer Go, players do not have to go out and actually walk. Using the virtual joystick or GPS coordinate transmission function, they can reach any location on the map to capture any Pokémon they want without leaving home.

For many players with little combat experience, defeating Team Rocket is also a tricky task. You don’t have to worry about that with Spoofer Go. You only need to turn on “Team Rocket – One hit” in the settings, and you can easily deal with the battle with Team Rocket.

pokemon go one hit


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