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How to spoof in Pokemon GO without getting banned

January 28, 2023

“How to spoof in Pokemon GO without getting banned?” This is a popular topic on Reddit. The phenomenal success of Pokemon GO has captivated millions of players around the world. The game utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) technology, allowing players to become Pokemon trainers and track down rare Pokemons in their neighborhoods and even across the globe.

Players have turned to methods such as GPS spoofing apps to progress quickly in this immersive game. These apps enable them to move virtually to different locations where they can find rare and legendary Pokemons from the comfort of their homes.

Unfortunately, Niantic, the creator of Pokémon Go, has banned such Pokemon GP spoofing apps, as it is considered cheating. If it discovers you’re using a GPS spoofing app, you can get a permanent ban on your account.

But don’t worry, as in this guide, we will show you tips on how to spoof Pokemon Go without getting banned. Keep reading to find out more!

Why is the soft ban triggered if spoof in Pokemon GO?

Niantic introduced soft bans on Pokémon Go players to stop them from cheating. Niantic utilizes soft bans to warn players that repeated activation of the same type may lead to further severe restrictions on their trainer accounts.

A soft ban is a 12-hour period during which any wild Pokémon you encounter will flee immediately when attempted to be caught. In addition, you can’t loot any items at PokeStops, drastically diminishing your gaming activities and ruining your day’s exploration.

A cooldown period should be observed after performing in-game actions post-teleporting to avoid any suspicion of hacking, spoofing, or using third-party applications that violate Niantic’s rules. This wait time serves as an extra precautionary measure, so you won’t have any problems with your account.

Some of the actions that may trigger a soft ban include:

  • Cruising through the game at warp speed
  • Spoofing GPS Location while playing pokemon
  • Sharing accounts with other friends
  • Feeding a gym defender
  • Catching a wild Pokémon
  • Placing Pokémon in a gym
  • Feed berries to wild Pokemon
  • Spin the Pokestop beyond the limit
  • Catch Shadow Pokemon
  • An accidental drop of a ball on the encounter screen

How long does the Pokemon ban last?

Depending on the offense’s egregious, a Pokémon soft ban can last for varying amounts. If you play Pokémon while in transit, that would qualify as a short-term ban with similar consequences. However, if you were to do something more extreme such as spoofing Pokemon or account sharing, then they could experience their punishment for up to 120 minutes!

We recommend going slightly over the suggested cooldown period by 1-2 minutes to avoid any potential soft bans. While it can seem tedious to wait a little longer than usual, this is well worth your time as you will have uninterrupted gameplay and not be stuck with limited playtime overall. Trust us – taking an extra few moments now could save you from being frustrated later!

How do you know the Pokemon Go soft ban is over?

Knowing whether the Pokémon Go soft ban has been lifted is simple. All you have to do is spin a Poke Stop and check if it rewards you with something! If so, that means your account can now play as normal.

You can also check if the ban is lifted by catching a wild Pokémon. If it stays in the Poke Ball and doesn’t run away, your soft ban is no more! However, if you still feel like you have limited playtime, it might be a good idea to wait for another 5-10 minutes before playing Pokemon again.

How to avoid the account from getting banned when you spoof in Pokemon GO?

pokemon go getting banned

To avoid your Pokémon Go account from getting banned, you should be careful when spoofing, as Niantic has powerful ways of detecting spoofing activity.

Here are some of the ways to reduce the chances of getting a soft or permanent ban:

1. Follow the rules

The best way to avoid a ban is to follow Niantic’s guidelines. Refrain from attempting to rush through tasks or move too quickly, as this sends a warning signal to Niantic that could result in significant adverse consequences. Stick to the required game speed, and don’t do anything too out of the ordinary. Also, avoid interacting with PokéStops or Gyms too quickly and keep your distance from locations you don’t need to be.

2. Mechanism of Pokemon GO soft ban

While spoofing your location in Pokémon Go, there are certain things you must not do at all costs to avoid getting a soft ban. For example, if you encounter a rare pokemon or gym in the popular game, once engaged with it, a 2-hour timer kicks off, which disables any action taken from within its range.

With the right tools, you can trek anywhere and do anything-unless you haven’t yet interacted with wild Pokemon, PokeStops, or Gyms. Once that’s done though, it is advisable to wait two hours before venturing further than your last location’s range.

3. Don’t overuse the Pokemon joystick app

A GPS joystick lets you control your characters’ movements within the game without moving anywhere in real life. While it can help you cover a lot of ground quickly, this behavior is flagged by the game’s anti-spoofing measures and can result in a soft ban. It’s best to take your time while playing Pokémon Go and use the joystick only when necessary.

4. Consider the cooldown duration in mind before you change your location

Some players attempt to change their Pokemon Go location to catch rare Pokemon. However, this is not recommended as it can result in a soft ban. It would be best if you always kept in mind the cooldown duration, which is 2 hours before you attempt to change your Pokemon Go location. Also, consider any other activities you might have done in the two hours before changing your Pokemon Go location, as the anti-spoofing mechanisms can also flag this.

5. Change your location gradually

It is advisable to change your Pokemon Go location gradually instead of suddenly. This way, you won’t be flagged by the game’s anti-spoofing systems. Try to move in small increments and wait for a few minutes before moving further. Also, ensure not to move too far away from your actual location, as this can also result in a soft ban.

6. Ensure that the Pokemon Go joystick you are using is a reliable solution

There are many unreliable joystick solutions available online. It is important to ensure that you use a reliable solution, as an unstable one can easily get flagged, resulting in a soft ban. Read reviews and feedback from other users, as this can help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a reliable joystick solution.

7. Consider creating another account

If you have already been issued a warning or ban on your Pokemon Go account, then it is best to consider creating another account for using any fake GPS location Pokemon Go hack. That way, you can avoid the consequences of any ban on your main account and still enjoy playing the game with spoofing pokemon.

8. Don’t root or jailbreak the device

In most cases, rooting or jailbreaking your mobile device can result in a permanent ban from the game. So ensure you don’t do it, even if you are using a fake GPS location app.

Niantic knows that for most Pokemon Go GPS spoofing apps to work, players must jailbreak their phones or root their mobile devices. To combat this, they have implemented a policy that bans any jailbroken or rooted devices from playing the game. This is to ensure that the game remains fair and equitable for all players.

9. Safety measures to avoid the soft ban on Pokemon GO

There are certain safety measures that you can take to ensure that your account is not soft-banned in Pokemon Go. Firstly, always stick to the game’s speed limit and do not attempt to rush through tasks or move too quickly.

Secondly, make sure not to interact with any PokéStops or Gyms too quickly and keep a reasonable distance from locations that you do not need to be in. Lastly, try to change your Pokemon Go location gradually and wait for a few minutes before moving further away from your current spot.

Pros and cons of Pokemon Go spoofing for iOS|Android

Pokemon Go spoofing on iOS/Android can greatly expand your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable. It allows you to travel to virtual locations in different parts of the world and find rare Pokemon that you may not have access to in your actual location. This section will cover some of the pros and cons of using a fake location Pokemon Go hack.

The pros of Pokemon location spoofer 

1. Access to rare Pokemon and items that may not be available in your Pokemon Go location. If you’re living in a rural Pokemon Go location, you can use the fake GPS location feature in the Pokemon Go spoofer to access more Pokemon and items for iPhone. For example, cities usually have more Pokestops and Gyms, which can provide more rewards.

2. Ability to travel virtually to different parts of the world. This is a great way to explore other countries and cultures without leaving home. You’ll also catch pokemon that you may not be able to find in your actual location and get the best coordinates in Pokémon Go Hack.

3. It Can help you level up faster. Pokemon spoof for iOS apps usually has extra functionalities that can help you move faster and gain more experience points. For example, some apps have built-in speed hacks that can help you move faster in the game. You’ll also have access to multiple gyms and pokestops to get more rewards.

4. Ability to play with friends from anywhere in the world. Fake GPS location app can be a great way to connect with friends who are far away. You can join their game and have fun together.

The cons to spoofing Pokemon Go

1. Risk of soft ban or permanent ban from the game. If you’re caught using a fake location hack, you may be issued a warning or even a permanent ban from the game. This is why it’s important to be careful and use safety measures when using Pokemon Go spoof for iPhone.

2. Not being able to connect with your real-life friends. One of the main appeals of Pokémon Go is the ability to connect with friends who are playing in your Pokemon Go location. If you’re using a GPS location hack, then you won’t be able to connect with them in the game.

3. Fake GPS location hacks can be complicated to set up and use. Depending on the app, it can take some time to set up and use the fake location hack. This can be a bit tedious for casual players who want to play the game without having to worry about setting up any hacks.

4. Can be unreliable and unstable. Fake location hacks can sometimes be unreliable and unstable. They may not always work or cause the game to crash occasionally. So it would be best if you chose the more reliable pokemon go Hack to spoof on iOS devices.

5. Rooting or jailbreaking the iOS device. Your phone’s security may be at risk if you root or jailbreak it to use a GPS location hack. Ensure the GPS spoofing app is safe and reliable before rooting or jailbreaking your iOS device.

These are some pros and cons of Pokemon Go cheats 2021. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth the risk. If you decide to use a fake location hack, follow all safety measures and adhere to the game’s terms of service.

Download Pokemon Go Hack iOS for free.

Spoofer Go is one of the most reliable GPS location spoofing apps available for Pokémon Go. It allows you to select your desired location and then use it to play Pokemon Go. In other words, it’s a Pokemon Go Hack on iPhone and Android.

You’ll no longer worry about getting a soft or permanent ban from the game since it uses an advanced anti-ban system. With the Pokémon Go Hacks for iOS devices, you don’t need to jailbreak your device, making it a great choice for those who want to stay safe and secure.

spoofer go

As you know, it didn’t download Spoofer Go from the Apple App Store. So, follow these steps to download the free version:

Step 1: First, uninstall the Pokemon Go app from your device.

Step 2: Download and install Spoofer Go from the official website/Panda Helper.

Step 3: Log in with your Pokemon Go account information.

Step 4: Open the game and find the location of the function “Location” in the game.

Step 5: Enter a coordinate to teleport in the search bar and move to this location. Congratulations on successfully spoof in Pokemon GO.


Using a fake GPS hack to play Pokemon Go can have both pros and cons. While it can be convenient and allow you to access rare pokémon, it can also lead to a soft ban or permanent ban from the game. It’s important to follow safety measures and adhere to the game’s terms of service if you decide to use a fake GPS hack.

A GPS spoofing app like Spoofer Go can be a great option as it uses an advanced anti-ban system and doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking. Ultimately, deciding to use a fake GPS is up to you, so carefully weigh the pros and cons before doing so.


Q: Can Niantic detect GPS spoofing?

A: Niantic has sophisticated anti-cheat detection methods that can detect spoofers. However, it is possible to spoof Pokemon without getting detected using a reliable GPS spoofer such as Spoofer Go.

Q: Is it safe to spoof in Pokémon GO?

A: Generally, yes. As long as you use a reliable and trusted GPS spoofing app like Spoofer Go, it is safe to use a GPS spoofer. However, it is always important to follow safety measures and adhere to the game’s terms of service when using a fake GPS hack.

Q: Can I get banned for using a GPS spoofer?

A: Yes, you can be banned for using a device’s GPS location spoofer. If Niantic detects suspicious behavior, it can lead to a soft ban or permanent ban from the game. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when using a fake GPS.

Q: What is the safest spoof in Pokemon GO?

A: The safest spoof Pokemon Go is Spoofer Go. Using the latest anti-ban system, you can rest assured that your device will remain undetected and secure – no need for rooting or jailbreaking. Yet, it is essential to follow safety protocols and abide by the rules of service when employing any fake GPS trickery.


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