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Your guide to Pokemon Go weekly walking rewards and benefits

June 14, 2024

We all know how addictive Pokemon Go can be – catching rare Pokemon, battling in raids, and leveling up our trainers keeps us constantly engaged with the game. But did you know that the Pokemon Go weekly walking rewards offer some incredible benefits, too? I’ve been an avid player since the game’s launch, and optimizing my Pokemon Go weekly walking distance rewards has become a top priority.

By properly setting up Adventure Sync and simulating movement when needed, you can easily maximize your pokemon go weekly walking rewards. This guide will cover everything from enabling Adventure Sync to ethically boosting your walking distance through techniques like GPS spoofing. With the right approach, you can rack up those sweet rewards without breaking a sweat!

What are Pokemon Go weekly walking rewards?

Overview of weekly walking rewards

Every Monday at 9:00 a.m. local time, we can redeem weekly rewards in Pokemon Go based on the total distance walked in the past seven days. These rewards include guaranteed bundles and one randomly selected bundle, with longer distance benchmarks, and rewards earned at shorter distances.

Weekly reward tiers

  • 5 km
    • 20 Poke Balls
  • 25 km
    • 10 Great Balls
    • 3,000 Stardust
    • One of: 3 Rare Candies, 3 Silver Pinap Berries, or 1 5 km Egg
  • 50 km
    • 10 Great Balls
    • 20 Poke Balls
    • 5 Ultra Balls
    • 10,000 Stardust
    • One of: 5 Rare Candies, 5 Silver Pinap Berries, or 1 10 km Egg
  • 100 km
    • 20,000 Stardust
Pokemon Go weekly walking rewards

Setting up Adventure Sync to get weekly walking rewards

To get started with Pokemon Go’s Adventure Sync feature, we’ll need to enable a few settings on our devices. The process is slightly different for Android and iOS, so I’ll walk through the steps for each platform.

Step-by-Step guide for Android

  1. Go to your device’s Settings > Apps & notifications > Pokemon Go > Permissions, and turn on Location.
  2. Open the Google Fit app and go to Settings > Manage connected apps. Ensure Pokemon Go is listed as a connected app.
  3. In the Pokemon Go app, tap the Main Menu button > Settings > General.
  4. Toggle on Adventure Sync and grant any permissions prompted.

Step-by-Step guide for iOS

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Pokemon Go, and set Location Access to “Always Allow.”
  2. Open the Health app, tap Sources, and verify that Pokemon Go is listed under Apps.
  3. In the Pokemon Go app, tap Main Menu > Settings > General.
  4. Toggle on Adventure Sync and allow any permissions requested.

With Adventure Sync enabled, your steps and distance will sync to Pokemon Go even when the app is closed. Just keep your location services on, and you’ll earn those weekly walking rewards!

Optimizing walking distance

Effective walking strategies

To maximize your weekly walking distance in Pokemon Go, it’s important to develop an effective strategy. One approach is to incorporate walking into your daily routine, such as taking a stroll during lunch breaks or walking to nearby destinations instead of driving. Additionally, you can plan longer walks or hikes on weekends to rack up more kilometers.

Another strategy is to keep your phone’s GPS active and Adventure Sync enabled even when you’re not actively playing Pokemon Go. This way, your steps will still be counted towards your weekly distance, whether you’re running errands, cleaning the house, or simply moving around.

Combining walking with In-Game events

Combining your walking efforts with in-game events can be a great way to boost your rewards. During events like Community Days or special raid hours, you can walk while playing, earning extra rewards and potentially encountering rare Pokemon. Additionally, some events offer bonus candy for walking with your buddy, making it an ideal time to rack up those kilometers.

It’s also worth noting that giving your buddy a Poffin can halve the distance required to earn candy, allowing you to earn rewards faster. So, consider stocking up on Poffins before major events or when you plan to walk longer distances.

Cheats and hacks to boost weekly walking rewards

Safe ways to spoof location

pokemon go tap to walk with spoofer go

While location spoofing in Pokemon Go violates Niantic’s terms of service, some players use GPS spoofing apps to virtually change their location.

Spoofer Go offers a variety of features to simulate realistic movement:

  • Joystick
    • With the built-in joystick feature, you can navigate freely around the map.
  • Auto-Generated Routes
    • There’s no need to walk manually. If you’re near a PokéStop, you can utilize the auto-generated movement function to travel around effortlessly.
  • Tap to Walk
    • Simply tap on a location, and your in-game character will walk to the selected destination.
  • Speed Control
    • Spoofer Go enhances realism by automatically varying your walking speed periodically. Users can also set their own walking speed to maintain the illusion of actual movement.

Using multiple devices

Having multiple Pokemon Go accounts is against the rules and can result in bans. However, anecdotally, many players use separate accounts, often on different teams, to hold more gyms or participate in raids with fewer people. While Niantic prohibits this, bans seem limited to those hacking the client or using backend access programs. Some players feel having multiple accounts is acceptable, but it violates Niantic’s terms you agreed to.


The Pokemon Go weekly walking rewards offer an excellent incentive to stay active and engaged with the game. By optimizing your walking distance through Adventure Sync and incorporating effective strategies, you can consistently earn valuable rewards like Poke Balls, Stardust, and even rare items like Candy and Eggs. While some players may be tempted to explore unethical methods like location spoofing, it’s essential to prioritize fair play and adhere to Niantic’s terms of service.

Ultimately, the true joy of Pokemon Go lies in the journey itself – exploring the great outdoors, discovering new Pokemon, and fostering a sense of community with fellow trainers. As you continue your quest to become a Pokemon Master, remember to embrace the spirit of the game and let the weekly walking rewards be a rewarding byproduct of your adventures.


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