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Full guide on how to fake Pokemon Go GPS for iPhone

November 23, 2023

Are you looking for how to fake Pokemon Go GPS for iPhone? If that’s you, you’re in the right place at the right time.

Pokemon Go is an incredible game that allows you to enjoy your time with friends and family worldwide. However, there are certain features, points, or pokemons you cannot collect due to your location. And with that comes many frustrations, which might make the game less exciting and fun. But there is a way out. You can follow these methods, techniques, tools, and steps to ensure your fake location and access to Pokemon’s full features.

What is fake GPS location for Pokemon Go?

Pokemon is an incredible reality game played by gamers around the world. It’s a game that involves battling opposition players, traveling worldwide, and collecting Pokemons.

However, it’s unfortunate that certain players in specific locations may not have access to some of the game features or collect as many Pokemons as they would wish.

There are plenty of rare Pokemons to be collected worldwide, but the issue comes in the location disparity.

That’s where the fake GPS comes in. This helps games trick the game into believing they belong in a specific location so that they can collect rare Pokemons and battle other players.

But faking location should be done cautiously, as it’s against Niantic rules and regulations and might get you banned permanently from the game.

Can I fake my iPhone GPS location in Pokemon Go?

Yes, but you must understand that Spoofing is not widely accepted for several reasons. But on the flip side, if you have weighed the pros and cons, you can use it to enjoy games like Pokemon and have an advantage.

The only major con is that overuse might get you identified and banned entirely from the game. That’s why using an alt account while faking GPS location in Pokemon is highly encouraged.

How to fake GPS in Pokemon Go using Spoofer Go?

Faking GPS location in Pokemon is accessible if you have the right tools and steps to make this happen.  

But the million-dollar concern for most people is identifying the right tools to make this happen. Luckily, Spoofer Go has an incredible ability to help you get around this situation.

So what is Spoofer Go, and how does it work?

Let’s find out.  

Spoofer Go overview

Spoofer Go is an incredible tool that lets users change their GPS location to enjoy Pokemon Go.  

It’s a comprehensive app with tons of features that would benefit every Pokemon Go user.  

Apart from spoofing location, it doesn’t require jailbreaking to function normally. It also doesn’t require computer installation for it to work.  

Some of its key features include:

  • Compatible with iOS: It works well with all iOS versions, making it convenient to use.
  • Spoof Location: You can alter location to make you seem like you’re in another place.  
  • Walking Simulator: It comes with a walking simulation that enables users to autogenerate routes and control speed.
  • IV Reviews: Has a system that helps check IV reviews to understand Pokemon review values.
  • Customizable: Spoofer Go enables users to alter settings to fit their preferences. This can be freezing Pokemon or releasing the catch.  
  • Skip Animations: It also can skip animations, giving you a better chance to enjoy the game.

Steps to fake Pokemon Go GPS location on iPhone

Faking Pokemon Go isn’t as hard as many people try to make it. However, it is also not a walk in the park if you don’t have the right steps to implement.  

That said, you need to be equipped with the best steps that actually work.

From the GPS option to the virtual joystick, here is what you need to know about faking Pokemon Go location:

1. Via GPS Location Function

The first way you can fake Pokemon Go location is through the use of GPS. The best part about using this option is you can go for the coordinates or pick a location of your choice.

This is how it works:

Head over to the Spoofer Go app and access the menu on your iOS device.

Access the list and click on the location option.

Once another window appears, enter the desired coordinates to move you to your desired location through walking or teleporting.

But, if you do have access to the right coordinates, you can select “Popular Locations,” and a list of 72+ places will be visible.

2. Via Maps/Nearby function

You can also fake Pokemon Location using the maps option, which is easier compared to the other option.

This option avails pokemons, pokestops, and gyms, which makes it easier for you to move to your preferred destination. You will only need to select the item, and you’ll be ready to go.

Get started with the Spoofer Go app and access the menu option.

Move to the “Nearby” or “Maps” option from the available list.

pokemon go map

A map virtual map will be visible for you to zoom in or out to help you move to the desired location. Click on either the Pokestops or Gym to fake the location.

3. Via Virtual Joystick

The last option for faking location on Pokemon Go on your iOS device is through the virtual joystick.  

This option is for those looking to change their game character while enjoying the game using the joystick option.

Here is how you can use it to your advantage:

Get the Spoofer Go app on your iOS device and access the menu.

On the menu, navigate to the settings and click “settings”.

You will need to get started by tapping on “Show Joystick,” and you’re ready to go.

The joystick will be visible to you for use.

FAQs about fake GPS with Spoofer Go

Yes, although many fake GPS location apps and tools exist on the internet for Pokemon Go, they are not recommended, as they violate the game’s terms of service. The producer of Pokemon Go is Niantic. It constantly fights against falsification by GPS.
Yes, Niantic has taken measures against fake GPS locations in Pokemon Go. Any player caught using a falsified GPS location will attract one or more penalties like warning, suspension, or banishment from the game. Niantic constantly upgrades its anti-cheats to uncover the cheaters among them.
It is against the terms of Pokemon services and any other location-based game when you try to change your location using various GPS spoofing tools. This might indeed be legal according to the law, but it goes against what game developers have stipulated as their rules.


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