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The best location spoofer for iPhone(iOS 16 included)

March 20, 2023

This is an article about GPS location spoofer on iPhone, and whether you are iOS14, iOS15, or iOS16, you can find the most suitable Pokemon Go iPhone location spoofer for you.
We know that getting out of home every time just to play Pokemon Go can be really bothersome, especially when you have to move to another city or country just to catch some Pokemon or items, which requires a lot of money & time.

Fortunately, there are many Pokemon Go Spoofing 2023 methods that you can use to change your Pokemon Go Character Location while sitting at home. Unfortunately, if you own a new iPhone, like iOS 15 or 16, most of these hacks will fail to work due to strengthening security. But don’t worry.

Some methods still work with the latest iOS versions, which we will discuss below, along with their Pros and Cons. So, keep reading if you wanna know more.

Can GPS location spoofing app be done on iPhone iOS 16/15?

Yes, it is possible to do Pokemon Go GPS Location Spoof on the latest iOS 16 and 15 software versions.

However, most iPhone Pokemon Go spoof cracks rely on Jailbreaking, but it is almost impossible to do it on the latest version. But very few software can still jailbreak some latest iOS versions. So, you need to check if your iPhone is jailbreak able or not, and only then can you use spoofing hacks.

However, some Pokemon Go location spoofer tools & apps are still available, which work without Jailbreaking, and you may use them on all iOS versions, including 16 & 15.

How can Pokemon Go spoofer set fake GPS on iPhone (iOS 16/15) without jailbreak?

We know it’s hard to find safe GPS Location Spoofer iPhone hacks, especially for newer iPhone versions but don’t worry. Below we will mention 3 methods, along with their pros & cons, so you can choose the best one for yourself, such as;

i) Spoofer Go –  [ iOS 16 included ]

ii) iTools Virtual Location – [ Only Up to iOS 15 ]

Spoofer Go – [ iOS 16 included ]

“Spoofer Go is a cracked version app of the Official Pokemon Go game, it functions just like the real game, but it allows you to fake new Location along with many other hacked benefits.”

How to Spoof Location?

By using the Spoofer Go app, you can fake location step by step guide, such as;

1. Download the Spoofer Go app from the third-party “Panda Helper App Store” without Jailbreaking. And install the Spoofer Go app.

2. Now, fake GPS app, and click on the “Menu icon,” which should be present on the left upper side > then enter the “Location” from the provided features list.

Location Feature to enter Coordinates in Spoofer Go

3. Now, a new window will appear with an “Inquiry Bar“> enter any city, region, or country coordinates here where you want to go to.

4. Finally, see below the “Coordinates Inquiry Bar“; you will see 2 options, Teleport & Walk, > Choose Teleport mode if you want to move to that GPS location instantly, or Choose walk if you want to go there slowly, in a real manner. And this is it. Your Game Avatar GPS location will be spoofed while sitting at home.

 Write Longitude and Latitude in the Inquiry Bar and Choose Teleport or Walk

5. In case you don’t know the exact coordinates, then you can choose the 3rd option, “Popular Locations,” below the “Inquiry Bar.”

6. And now you will see a new window with 70+ real-time hotspots that are built-in Spoofer Go app, and you can click on any of them to go there by teleportation or by walking.

Popular Locations Built-in of Spoofer Go

Pros and Cons


  1. No need for Jailbreaking.
  2. Built-in Cool-Down Time Counter 
  3. Works with all iOS versions, including 16/15/14.
  4. 100% Free; no subscription is required for any virtual location feature.
  5. No Computer is needed for installation ( if by Panda Helper Installation Process )
  6. Offers many advance benefits besides Spoofing, like;
    • Auto-Catch
    • Modify Throw
    • Spawn Booster
    • Skip Animations
    • Help in Evolution
    • Release Catch Function
    • Beat Team Rocket in One Hit
    • IV-Levels Checking before catching 
    • And much more.
  7. When the Offical Pokemon Go game updates, its security strengthens, and most iOS Spoof Pokemon Go tools that you were already using will cause eros and stop working.But As Spoofer Go is a separate hacked version app of the real game, it will never update itself and will probably never cause any working errors.


  1. It only works with iOS devices and doesn’t support Android phones.

iTools Virtual Location – [ Only Up to iOS 15 ]

iTools is a managing software through which you can control your ios device directly on your PC. iTools is a collection of many helping apps, one of which is ‘Virtual Location,’ which can be used for Pokemon Go spoofing.”

How to fake GPS location on iPhone?

1. Download and Install iTools from their Official Website on your PC.

2. Now, Launch the iTools app, and connect your iPhone to your PC via Data cable.

3. Unlock your Home screen, and when your mobile is connected > Click on the Tool Box option in the iTools app.

Click on the Toolbox main menu iTools Pokemon Go

4. Then, find Virtual Location, and click on it.

 Find Virtual Location in iTools for Spoofing Pokemon Location

4. Now, a Map will appear, you can click anywhere on it to fake GPS location on iphone, or you can enter specific coordinates in the “search bar.”

Enter Coordinates or select Map in Virtual Location app itools Spoofing

5. Now, for moving speed;

6. To move instantly, choose the first “Round Navigation Icon,” which is exactly next to Seach Bar, and then click on Go.

 Instant Moving Icon in Virtual Location Spoofer

7. To Walk Slowly, click on the 2nd ” Person Icon,” and then choose your desired location speed, & begin the process.

Walking icon in Virtual Location app iTools Pokemon Go

8. Then you can open your Pokemon Go app, and you will find your character location GPS spoofing to your selected zone.

Choose your Walking Speed in Virtual Location Pokemon Go


  1. No Jailbreak Pokemon Go needed.
  2. Instant & Walking both GPS Location Spoofing speeds available.


  1. Need to Buy this software
  2. Risk of failure with every Pokemon Go game update.
  3. Only works up to iOS 15 and doesn’t support iOS 16 versions.
  4. Need a Computer app to use iTools every time you want to fake iPhone GPS location.
  5. No Safeguards Available against getting caught, like Cool Down Time Counter.
  6. Excluding GPS Location Spoofing, no Advance features available, like Spawn Booster, IV-Levels Checking, Skip Animations, etc.

How to spoof location on iPhone by jailbreak for Pokemon Go? ( iOS 14)

Cydia Relocate Reborn Tweak – (Only Up to iOS 14)

“Cydia is a third-Party App store for Jailbroken iOS devices, and Relocate Reborn Tweak is a software within this store, which you can use to fake Pokemon Go desired location.”

How to Spoof Location on iPhone?

First of all, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone using unc0ver, checkra1n, Cydia impactor, or any other way you like. Then you can fake GPS location on iPhone by Cydia Virtual Location in 2-Steps;

1. Install Relocate Reborn Tweak from Cydia apps

2. fake Location on iPhone from the Settings

Step NO. 1) Install Relocate Reborn Tweak from Cydia

It is essential to note that this Relocate Reborm software is a Tweak that will be added to your iPhone settings, and from there, you can fake location on iPhone. In order to install it;

  • Launch the Cydia app from your iPhone Home screen.
  • Now, click on Sources ( 2nd option at the bottom )
  • Then click on Edit ( at the top right corner )
  • Then search for Relocate Reborn Tweak > Open it > then click on Modify ( right top side ) and install it.
 How to install Relocate Reborn Tweak on iPhone
Step NO. 2) Fake Location from Setting
  • Now Open your iPhone Settings > and go to Relocate Reborn.
  • In Relocate Reborn > You will see Global Override > there, switch on the “Enabled” option, and then click on “Location.”
  • Now, a Virtual Map will appear > choose your preferred GPS location on this map > and click on “Save,” which is in the top right corner.
  • Now, when you open your location-based game, you will see a Tweaked Pokemon Go in which your Avatar location should be spoofed to a new GPS location.
How to use Relocate Reborn in the iPhone setting to Spoof Pokemon Go location


  1. Free to use


  1. Jailbreaking is needed, which will compromise your iOS device’s security and warranty.
  2. No Virtual GPS Joystick
  3. Only Work with iOS 14 and doesn’t support iOS 15 or 16.
  4. No advance features like Spawn Booster, Skip Animations, Auto-Catch, etc.
  5. Does not have Slow Walking Feature or Multi-Route feature for your Pokemon Go Character
  6. It is just Universal Software, not specially dedicated to Pokemon Go, and it may not work on new Pokemon Go updates.

Faking GPS on iOS: what’s the best way?

In today’s world, most Pokemon Go players fake GPS location using one of the following methods;

i) Via VPNs

ii) Via Dedicated Hacked Games like Spoofer Go, iPogo, etc.

iii) Via built-in apps within software like iTools, 3uTools, etc.

iv) Via Computer-based Universal Location Spoofers, like iAny Go, etc.

v) Via Cydia Fake GPS location apps, like Relocate Reborn Tweak, GPS Location Faker, etc.

It is critical to note that except the (i) and (iv) methods, all others require jailbreaking your iPhone, which weakens mobile security and even nullifies its warranty. Plus, they require high computer skills to install and use. So, they are definitely not the best.

From (i) Spoofer Apps, [ like “Spoofer Go” ] and (ii) Spoofer tools options, the first ones are the best because they are specially made for Pokemon Go and have much more key features, like;

Spoofer Apps ( like Spoofer Go )Spoofer Tools( like iAny Go )
Instant Teleportation
Walking Speed Control
Virtual JoystickX
Spawn BoosterX
Skip AnimationsX
Check IV levels before CatchingX
Assist in Pokemon Catch & EvolutionX
Release Pokemon after Catching themX
Show Nearby Pokemon, Pokestop, Gym, etc.X
No Computer Needs to Spoof Location every timeX


Accordion No, Spoofing the Pokemon Go location is totally against the rules and 100% illegal.Sample Description
No, most VPNs are designed to change just the IP address, not the GPS location of the mobile. So, when using a VPN as a Location Spoofer iPhone hack for Pokemon Go, make sure it has both IP address & GPS changing features; otherwise, you may get caught.
Yes, Niantic, developers of Pokemon Go, give you a warning when you get caught in GPS Spoofer Pokemon Go hacks, and after 3 warnings, they will ban your account permanently.
Well, there is no way you can tell if other players are spoofing their location or not in Pokemon Go. But there are some red flags, which may be a sign of location spoofing, like; The Player's User name is of a different region than he is playing the game. He can’t speak your region's language fluently. His avatar is hanging or vanishing.


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