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Top 4 safest Pokemon Go spoofer free apps for iOS

March 9, 2023

This is a complete guide to getting the Pokemon Go Spoofer for free on iOS. If you are looking for Apps & Tools that can help you change GPS location to a nearby area, another city, or even a country, then you have come to the right place.

Pokémon Go is the world’s first Interactive AR game millions of users play worldwide. And if you playing Pokemon Go regularly, then you know playing it is not that easy because you need to walk in real-world physics to move your character in the game, which is tiring & not always possible.

But Don’t worry. In this blog, we will enlist many GPS Spoofing Apps & Tools that will help you fake GPS location in an instant by teleportation or slowly by walking. Plus, some of this software also packs tons of other features like Spawn Booster, Auto-Catch, Popular Hotspot Locations list, Data of nearby Gyms, Pokestop, and much more.

Pokemon Go spoofer free apps for iOS

And above all, this software is totally free to use, and if you use them properly, you will never get banned. So, stay tuned if you want to raise your levels quickly in Pokémon Go. 

Spoofer Go – Free Pokemon Go Spoofer on iOS for spoofing 

Spoofer Go is an official Location Changing Free GPS Spoofing app for Pokémon Go. The unique point that separates it from others is that it’s an app, not a helping tool, which means;

“Its programmers added hack codes in the Official Pokémon Go game and made a new hacked version of Pokémon Go called Spoofer Go.”

The problem with helping tools is that their coding is cheap, which will ultimately lag during gameplay or get non-working when the game update itself. And when this happens, you will get a warning or, worse, get banned from Pokémon Go. 

On the other hand, Spoofer Go hacking coding is complex and integrated into the core programming of Pokémon Go which makes it very reliable and safer. And without any doubt, it works just like Pokémon Go with many more hacked features.

Spoofer Go is also best because it packs all the features you can imagine in one Pack, and some of them include;

Free spoofing pokemon go anywhere

“This feature enables you to change your GPS location from one place to another in an instant by teleportation or slowly by walking.”

For example, if you are in the USA and want to go to Tokyo, Japan, then all you need is the coordinates of Tokoyo which you can get from the web, put it in the Spoofer Go, and you can spoof your virtual location to Tokoyo.

You can follow the below steps to use this feature;

  1. Launch the free version of the Spoofer Go app and click on the menu icon ( upper left corner ).

2. Now, click on “Location.”

How to Use Location function in Spoofer Pokemon Go

3. A pop-up window will appear with a Search Bar > Simply put your Coordinates in it.

In Search Bar enter your Desired Coordinates in Spoofer Go

4. Now Choose your mode of transportation from below the search bar;

>”Teleport to Location”

>”Walk to Location”

5. That’s it. Your Character will move to that certain location that you entered.

Teleport or Walk feature in Spoofer Go

GPS spoofing for rare and legendary pokemon go locations

“If you want to catch Rare, Legendary, or Region specific Pokemon or you simply want to go to famous hotspots around the Globe, this ‘Popular Locations’ feature is very helpful.”

In order to use the Popular Location feature, follow the below step-by-step guide;

  1. Open your Spoofer Go game app, and go to the Menu icon ( on the upper left corner of the screen ).

2. Choose the “Location”.

Location feature finding in Pokemon Spoofer Go

3. A pop-up bar will appear > From the list, choose “Popular Location” > you will see 70+ location names which are the ongoing hotspots around the Globe > Click the one you desire, and your location will be spoofed ( changed ) to that famous city.

Popular Locations List in Spoofer Go Pokemon Gaming

Access Gyms & Pokestops Easily

“Let’s say you are in a new area and want to see all the closeby Pokemon, Pokestop, Gyms, Trainers, or other stuff, which could take hours to discover one by one. But by using the ‘Map’ / ‘Nearby’ feature, you can see all of them in an instant.”

You can use this feature in the following steps in Spoofer Go;

  1. In the Spoofer Go app, click on the Menu.

2. Now, go to the Nearby or Map function. 

Nearby feature in Spoofer Go Pokemon Spoofing app

3. Finally, a new window will open with all the Pokemon, Pokestop, and other stuff in your surrounding area.

 List of All Gyms, Pokestops, etc., in Spoofer Go Nearby Feature
✓ Free
    ✓ See Nearby items on Map
    ✓ Popular Locations list
    ✓ Virtual Joystick
    ✓ Easy Evolution
    ✓ Spawn Booster
    ✓ Easy Pokemon Catch
    ✓ Skip Boring Animations
    ✓ Check Pokemon IV levels
    ✓ Pokemon Release function
    ✓ Check Pokemon IV levels before Catch
    ✓ Spoof Pokemon Go Location by Coordinates
X Only Work with iOS Phone

Other 4 free spoofing location based apps you should know

iPoGo – Best for Android

“iPoGo is also a hacked version of Pokémon Go, and it works just like the Spoofer Go app.”

Unlike Spoofer Go, iPogo supports both iOS and Android devices, but its iOS version is not that powerful and safe. So, it is recommended only for Android users. 

Besides that iPoGo is one of the best free Spoofing Pokémon Go app, and you can use it to spoof Pokémon:

  • By entering coordinates
  • Clicking on a given Hotspot location list within the GPS Spoofing app
  • By clicking on the map.
✓ Spoof Location by Coordinates
    ✓ See Nearby items on Map
    ✓ Popular Locations list
    ✓ Virtual Joystick
    ✓ Spawn Booster
    ✓ Auto Catch
    ✓ Skip Boring Animations
    ✓ Pokemon Release function
    ✓ Check Pokemon IV levels before Catch
X Don’t help in Evolution
   X Requires Subscription for advanced features, like; 
Auto Catch
Auto Bag Cleaner
  Block non-Shiny encounter
Skipping Animations
Spawn Booster
Much more.

EaseUS MobiAnyGo – Fake GPS Location Tool

“EaseUs MobiAnyGo, also famous by the name iAnyGo is a GPS location changing tool for all kinds of LBS ( Location Based Service ) apps like Pokémon Go, Facebook, Dating apps, etc.”

iAny Go is no doubt a powerful location spoofing tool, but it is not ideal for Pokémon Go due to many reasons, such as;

  • It is not particularly designed for Pokémon Go.
  • There is a chance that it will fail to work on every Pokémon Go update.
  • During Spoofing, it interacts with the Offical Pokémon Go game in real-time, and it will lag & fail to function, which will lead to account banning.

And that’s not all. It also has one other main disadvantage you will need to attach your Mobile to the computer every time you need to spoof Pokemon.

So, if you are looking for a Pokémon Go location spoofer free tool, it may not be ideal for you.

✓ Spoof your Location 
✓ Speed Customization
   X Not a Free Spoof App
   X Auto Catch
   X Spawn Booster
   X Popular Locations list
   X Don’t help in Evolution
   X Skip Boring Animations
   X See Nearby items on Map
   X Pokemon Release function
   X Check Pokemon IV levels before Catch
   X Does not Work with Android Device
   X Need a Connect Mobile to Computer every time via USB cable

UnicTool TailorGo – Fake GPS Location Tool

“Tailor Go is a GPS location changer tool developed by UnicTool for iOS and Android devices. It basically works with all LBS (location-based service ) apps.”

You can use Tailor Go in 2-ways to Spoof your Pokémon Go location;

  • By Entering the Coordinates of a Specific Location 
  • Plan a two or Multi-stop route on Map

However, it does have its disadvantages. For example, it is not designed for Pokémon Go specifically, and it may cause errors when your Pokémon Go updates. Above all, it does not have advanced Spwan Booster, Nearby items, Auto-Catch, and other advanced hack benefits like in the Spoofer Go app.

Plus, you will need to connect your Phone to your Computer during Gameplay. But it is better than the iAnyGo Spoofing tool because it offers wireless connection to a computer and connects up to 10 mobiles simultaneously. While in iAnyGo, you need to connect your mobile to your computer via a USB cable. 

 Pros Cons
✓ Change Location 
✓ Speed Customization
✓Support both iOS & Android Phone
X Not Free 
X Auto-Catch
X Spawn Booster
X Popular Locations list
X Don’t help in Evolution
X Skip Boring Animations
X See Nearby items on Map
X Pokemon Release function
X Check Pokemon IV levels before Catch
X Need a Connect Mobile to Computer every time


Now, after reading about all these free Spoofing apps & tools, you may be confused about which one is better and safe. The answer is quite simple, Spoofer Go and iPoGo are the best software because they are like a hacked version of Pokémon Go with many advanced features.

In contrast, EaseUs MobiAnyGo and UnicTool Tailor Go are just GPS changer tools that are developed for LBS apps like Pokémon Go, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. These tools are not designed for Pokémon Go specifically and may cause many errors. Plus, these tools don’t have advanced hack features and require the computer to work.

So, if you want a GPS Spoofing app for iOS mobile device, then choose Spoofer Go, and if for Android mobiles, then iPoGo is best.


Please be aware that all of the abovementioned apps are Third-party apps, and you can’t download any Spoofing Pokémon Go app free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


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