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The best Pokemon Go spoof iOS – alternatives to Fly GPS

March 21, 2023

Does fly GPS still work for Pokemon Go in the iOS system?

Fly GPS is a functional program that assists iOS users in spoofing their GPS location effectively. The fact that it’s free to secure the mobile device has made it popular among many more Pokemon users. Moreover, it has incredible features, such as an inbuilt joystick that ensures users alter their locations within minutes. Additionally, it can be used by gamers who need to simulate GPS activities while on two gadgets. Fly Pokemon Go iOS is one of the best tools to secure exclusive Pokemon. However, using Fly GPS to play Pokémon Go Spoof iOS has shortcomings you should review before setting it up as your go-to location spoofer.

Below are some of the other features:

  • Users can teleport GPS location
  • Works well with iOS devices
  • It has an inbuilt joystick
  • The Pokémon Go spoofer helps you spot and catch Pokemons

How do you use fly GPS in Pokemon for iPhone?

You can set up Fly GPS Pokemon for iPhone in a couple of ways, but I’ll fill you in on the easiest. But to do so, you’ll need to have the Pokémon Go spoofer app.

Let’s check out the steps for setting up Fly GPS:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is head to the App Store and type Fly GPS. You’ll see it pop up at the top of the list, then press where it’s written “Get” to proceed.

fly GPS in Pokemon for iPhone?

Step 2: Once you click “Get”, give it a few minutes to download. You’ll then be prompted to insert your Apple ID details, including your password, to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Launch the app to begin location spoofing for an incredible fake GPS Fly experience while enjoying Pokemon Go.

fake GPS Fly

While it might be easy to set up, Fly GPS can be quite a handful when trying to learn your way through its hard-to-understand user interface.

Other shortcomings include:

  • It will require you to pay to secure and use it, unlike other free spoofers.
  • It has a complicated user interface requiring much work to manoeuvre, install, and configure. This makes it difficult for users to access the services they need instantly.
  • The app features a lot of bugs and is quite unstable, mainly when used frequently. This leads to constant setbacks and interference while playing Pokemon Go Spoof iOS.
  • Fly GPS has many ads, making it almost impossible to use the software.  The number of ads displayed is enough to prevent you from using the app.

What is the alternative to Fly GPS for iOS?

There are numerous spoofers, but few work without being easily spotted, leading to temporary and permanent bans from Niantic. However, selecting the right location spoofer for Pokemon Go iOS can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time learning about it.

Luckily, you should know about an incredible Fly GPS spoofer alternative for the iOS Pokemon Go joystick. Let’s have a look:

Best tool to fake pokemon on iOS device

Spoofer Go is one of the most outstanding Pokemon Go spoof iOS applications because it allows players to change their addresses while still playing the best GPS location based game in the world. With this program, you will become the finest trainer in the world. Furthermore, the Pokemon go joystick iOS 2023 allows users to enjoy this fantastic game anytime from anywhere worldwide.

It also provides a useful false new Pokemon Go location feature and outstanding movement capabilities, making exploring the iOS Pokémon Go joystick spoof world more manageable and pleasant. Thus, if you need an excellent location spoofer iOS version, Spoofer Go should be your first pick because it has a lot to offer.

However, it’s always advised to use it cautiously as overuse might lead to detection, which comes with challenges. One is that you might first get a 7-day temporary ban from Niantic, leading to another one-month ban. Eventually, it will be rolled out to a permanent ban. And so, you need to use it sparingly for good gaming interaction.

Spoofer Go’s key features

  • Spoofer Go helps users check IV previews before playing Pokémon
  • It works well on iOS device
  • Helps teleport GPS location without being spotted
  • You can modify the settings to your preference
  • Has Pokestops identification
  • You can skip animations such as egg hatching
  • It has an inbuilt Joystick mode

Let’s have a look at some of Spoofer Go functions

  • Useful Hacks: Spoofer Go helpful hacks such as the Virtual Go Plus make it easy for users to collect stardust easily.
  • Setting Modification: Spoofer Go ensures users can modify settings to their preferences and alter how you release poke balls. Alternatively, you can also let go of Pokemons that miss the IV’s you’re after.
  • Helps Check IV Previews: Spoofer Go provides users a unique feature for monitoring and evaluating Pokemon values. Moreover, you can do this in your inventory for quick and easy assessment.
  • Pokestops Identification: Spoofer Go helps players instantly spot or get notifications on nearby PokeStops. This increases gamers’ chances of securing Pokemons and having an advantage.
  • Fake Location: One of the critical features of Spoofer Go is the ability to fake location and enjoy playing Pokemon Go in the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can pre-set destinations to give you an easier time while playing and collecting pokemons.
  • Ability To Skip Animations: With Spoofer Go, you can skip displayed animations such as purifying Pokemon and egg hatching. This means you can secure Pokemons without going through all these animations.
  • Walking Simulator: It has a radar system and an inbuilt joystick control that enables AR games to spot rare Pokémon within specific areas for a fantastic gaming experience.

Spoofer Go cares so much about the user experience that it has availed these incredible features to ensure Pokemon games have an unforgettable gaming interaction. With Spoofer Go, you can do so much you can’t imagine. So get it today for an added gaming feel.

Tips to get the most out of the GPS spoofing app for pokemon go

Even though Spoofer Go is a fantastic iOS app that lets you do a lot while playing Pokemon Go, there are potential risks you need to know. Though the risks might be devastating such as a possible permanent ban from Niantic, there are ways of protecting yourself from such situations. Let’s see what you must do for a safe Pokemon Go spoof iOS.

number10 Ensure you follow the Pokemon Go cooldown

Even though Niantic knows that users might still enjoy Pokemon Go while traveling to other locations, it’s incredible and unheard of for one’s locations to shift to a thousand miles in minutes. If they notice this, they will flag the account. Once your account is flagged, it means they’ll be keeping an eye on most of your activities, so you might eventually get a permanent ban.

To counter this situation, you’ll have to pay attention to Pokemon cooldown time and ensure you are patient before continuing with the game. The time will depend entirely on how far you go from your initial location. The further you go, the more you’re required to wait.

number11 Sign out from Pokemon Go and teleport

Letting your Pokemon GO game continue playing while you spoof your actual location is dangerous as it can be instantly detected that something isn’t right.  At first, Niantic will opt for a temporary ban of maybe seven days or one month. However, if you repeat it, they’ll be forced to ban you permanently.

That means you must log out before you teleport the GPS location so that it’s undetectable. Head to the setting and sign out of your account, then return later once you have effectively spoofed your location.

number12 Disable then enable airplane mode

Another Pokemon teleportation hack is disabling airplane mode. This will ensure you alter your location without getting noticed. All you need to do is sign out of the game and ensure your phone is in airplane mode. You must give it a few minutes before using the Poke Go++ app. Once everything is set, you can alter the location and enjoy the game.

number13 Take caution

Even though there’s a high likelihood that the methods highlighted are more likely to work, it is in no way guaranteed that they will. Other users might be unlucky that it might not work on their iOS devices, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.  Also, the free version of Pokemon Go you’re using will determine if it will work or not. Therefore, use this method sparingly and cautiously to avoid getting banned.


Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS 2023 requires an incredible location spoofer with all the needed useful features. You don’t want to leak your data while location spoofing, as it may lead to a permanent ban by Niantic. However, while Fly GPS can do a good job spoofing Pokémon, Spoofer Go has much to offer, such as location teleportation, an in-built joystick, and features customization. So what are you waiting for? Try Spoofer Go today.

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