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How to spoof Pokemon Go iPhone in 2023?

March 21, 2023

This post will answer the million-dollar question: how to spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone without Niantic’s detection. So read on to find out more about Pokemon iPhone spoofers.

Pokemon Go is an exciting game that has captured millions of gamers’ imaginations through its interactiveness. For years it has built a worldwide fanbase that collects rare and exclusive pokemon daily. That said, you may not collect as many pokemon as you’d wish, as they may not be available in your iPhone GPS location. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways out of this situation; one is by using a reliable location spoofer.

Location spoofer can help you teleport your GPS location and appear as if you are in another GPS location if you do it correctly using the best tools. This will help you identify and receive alerts on PokeStops, and as a result, you’ll manage to get hold of all the Pokemons you need.

What motivates people to attempt to spoof Pokemon Go locations on iPhones?

Even though GPS location spoofing in Pokemon Go is now more prevalent than before, some reasons led to the current situation. Here are some of the reasons why Pokemon Go rare pokemon 2021 is used by worldwide gamers.

Securing Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go spoofing provides users the ultimate opportunity to secure as many rare and exclusive Pokemon as they wish. The excitement about this feature is directly tied to the fact that when you play Pokemon “Fairly,” you may not get access to the number and type of Pokemon you need unless you’re in a specific GPS location.

Collecting items from PokeStops

Using a reliable location spoofer gives you an in-game opportunity to spot nearby pokemon where you can collect items for fun. Some of the things available on PokeStops include:

  • Poke balls
  • Gifts
  • Potions
  • Evolution Items and berries

Battling in gyms

Battling gyms is made explicitly for Pokemon Go users to square it out with other users in the gym.  However, you may not challenge gamers worldwide if restricted to one geographical location. That’s why ensuring you spoof GPS location and teleport to other places is essential.

Playing the game without leaving home

The urge to spoof location is also brought mainly by the need to play the game across the world remotely.  You only need to pick your desired location, change your settings to fit that GPS location, and start collecting Pokemon. This is why the question of how to spoof Pokémon Go iPhone location is commonly asked.

Competing with other players

After playing Pokemon Go location spoof, you’ll realize that you need a new battle and that you can only find further challenges by visiting other parts of the world. But what if you could do this in the comfort of your home? This is why most people turn to spoofs to ensure they get new challenging fights from worldwide gamers.

Quick Guide: How to change your GPS location in Pokemon GO in under 2 minutes

Depending on your chosen method, you’ll use a different technique. However, if you’re using an app like Spoofer Go, it will be pretty easy as it has simple yet understandable steps to implement.

Spoofer Go offers uses the best services by ensuring their data is secure while teleporting. In recent times Niantic has been cracking down on spoofers but fortunately, the Spoofer Go system is so strong that its online activities cannot be easily spotted.

But how do you change iPhone location using Spoofer Go in under 2 minutes? Let’s find out:

  1. You’ll need to install the app after downloading it from the Spoofer Go official website.
spoofer GO
  1. Fake GPS location by choosing the new one.
how to spoof pokemon go iphone
  1. Accept the confirmation, and there you have it. You’ll have changed your location in less than two minutes.

How to spoof Pokémon Go easily for iPhone location?

The spoofing technique you should use will entirely depend on your method. The methods used to set up a location spoofer will differ completely from that of a VPN.  In this section, we’ll look at how to use four methods for the best Pokemon Go spoofing app.

Four different methods of spoof Pokémon GO methods on iPhone covering all users

Method 1: Spoofer GO (Best)

Spoofer Go is a fantastic Pokemon Go spoof iOS software that allows users to change their geolocation even while enjoying the finest game on the planet. With this software, you will become the world’s best trainer. Additionally, Pokemon Go lets players experience this excellent game from anywhere in the world, anytime.

The app also has a helpful fake location capability and excellent movement capabilities, making navigating the spoofing Pokémon Go world easier and more enjoyable. As a result, if you’re looking for a great spoofer, Spoofer Go must top your list because of all the qualities it adds to the game.

Nonetheless, it is always encouraged to take it with caution because excess may result in detection, which has complications. One possibility is that you will receive a 7-day general prohibition from Niantic, followed by a one-month ban. It will eventually be made a permanent prohibition. As a result, for optimal gaming engagement, you should utilize it sparingly.

Steps for using Spoofer Go:

Step 1: You need to head over to the Spoofer Go website and download it. Once you have downloaded it, ensure it is installed on your device.

Step 2: Move on to the settings and click on Location to enter the GPS coordinates. You will teleport to a new location. Alternatively, you can click on “Walk to the location.” However, you’ll need patience, especially if moving to a far-off location.

 spoof pokemon go on iphone

Step 3: If you’re uncertain about where to move to, you can click on the popular location feature and review the 72 location option. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the CD time and distance.


  • Ensures user’s data is protected
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Helps teleport location
  • Works well with iOS device
  • Allows users to customize settings
  • It has an inbuilt joystick


  • It gives players an added advantage over the rest

Method 2: Use a VPN

VPN is another ultra-fast and effective way to ensure you spoof location while playing a spoofing app for Pokemon Go.  While there are many VPN services, NordVPN is probably the best due to the services it offers its users. It’s an established Program that can be utilized for various reasons, including online security, confidentiality, and watching content from different regions.

NordVPN can be utilized to play Pokémon from several areas, gain access to geo-restricted Pokemon content, and protect your web presence when participating in the game. However, it is always advanced to use it sparingly to avoid going against Nianctic rules and getting banned.

Here are the steps to use VPN to Spoof location in Pokemon Go:

  1. Buy a NordVPN subscription.
  1. Download the NordVPN software.
  1. Launch the NordVPN app.
  1. Pick a good server location.
  1. Pokemon should be released.


  • Effective connection service
  • It has excellent security features
  • Location spoofing
  • Access to restricted content


  • Their free trial is limited
  • It requires you to pay

Method 3: Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreaking your iPhone involves changing critical aspects of Apple’s iOS device with third-party software. Consequently,  it expands your gadget’s capabilities outside of what Apple generally allows. This involves launching third-party apps, changing the appearance of the mobile device’s software, and even downloading an entirely new OS. Nonetheless, jailbreaking a smartphone is a difficult task, but for those who are committed, it might mean getting more out of your iPhone and Pokemon Go.

Let’s have a look at the steps used to Jailbreak your iPhone:

  1. First, you’ll need to head over to iTunes on your iPhone.
  1. Next, you must secure a reliable jailbreaking tool (Unc0ver).
  1. Once you have completed those steps, you can connect your computer to your phone and start the jailbreaking tool.
  1. Read and follow the jailbreaking tool instructions.
  1. Give the device a couple of times, and your device will have been jailbroken effectively.

If you’re looking for an excellent augmented game for Pokemon Go, SX PokeGO is just what you need. It has incredible features like PokeStops identification to collect rare items such as berries and portions. With SX PokeGO, you get an advanced free version of Pokemon Go for the best gaming experience.


  • Access to restricted features
  • You can customize themes
  • It makes it possible to use third-party iOS app


  • Should anything go wrong, Apple will not be entitled to help you

Method 4: Use a GPS Spoofing App

One of the best GPS spoofing apps is Fly GPS, a helpful app for iOS users to fake locations effectively. Since it’s free to safeguard smartphones, it has gained popularity among many Pokemon players. Additionally, it offers fantastic features, such as an embedded joystick that allows users to change their places in minutes.

It may also be utilized by gamers who need to replicate GPS activity using two devices. One of the finest ways to obtain particular Pokemon is Fly Pokemon Go iOS. It is an effective method if you’re trying to learn how to spoof Pokémon go iPhone location.

Steps to use Fly GPS:

Step 1: The first step is to download Fly GPS from the App Store. When it appears at the top of the page, press where it says “Get” to continue.

 download Fly GPS

Step 2: Let it take a few minutes after clicking “Download” to install. To finish the installation, you’ll be requested to enter your Apple ID information, especially your passcode.

spoofing pokemon

Step 3: You can start spoofing for an awesome false GPS Fly encounter while playing Pokemon Go.


  • Simple to use user interface
  • Spoofs location
  • It has an inbuilt joystick


  • Frequent license renewal
  • It doesn’t support lower iOS versions

How do you avoid a ban when spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone (by Spoofer Go)?

Even though there are quite a several ways of  Pokemon Go spoofing, most of them have been identified, and Niantics is currently cracking down on each of them. Once spotted spoofing, you might get a ban from the game either temporarily or permanently.

However, there are ways you can spoof Pokemon Go iPhone location without getting detected. Here are some of them:

Follow spoofing rules

A better method to prevent a moderate or lifetime ban is to exercise caution. Be cautious and stick to the guidelines. Only attempt to speed the process or game slowly, as this could give notice to Niantic, resulting in a significant loss. As a result, you should follow the rules and play the game usually. Explore at a regular pace rather than being red-marked in the game.

Pokemon Go soft ban mechanisms

When spoofing, there are actions you need to cease from entirely. This applies anytime you encounter PokeStops, rare or wild pokemon, or a gym while faking location.This means you give yourself and the game a 2-hour timer from conducting any activity within a set radius.

You can only go anywhere if you’ve engaged with all these three components. After that, you must wait another two hours before conducting any activity outside of the spectrum of your previous position. If you want to fly from one location to the next, ensure you do so slowly after observing the time limit.

Start playing Pokemon GO from anywhere today!

Pokemon Go is a fantastic game that everyone who participates in must enjoy its full potential and not get limited access. While it might be seen as cheating, collecting all the pokémon you can is only fitting, as millions of others in Pokemon-rich areas do. And so, to make it fair, you’ll need to get a round spoofing app such as Spoofer Go for a fantastic location-faking experience. Now, spoof Pokemon GO on your iPhone today!


There are numerous spoofing apps, but Spoofer Go is by far the best of all of them. It can protect users' data without being tapped or identified. Also, you can teleport your location and appear as if you are in another location to have a collection of rare pokemon at your fingertips.    However, you must always be careful while using spoofers, as Niantic closely monitors Pokemon Go activities. Any wrong move can lead to a temporary ban which might eventually lead to a permanent ban. That means you should avoid overusing any spoofer you’re using so that you dont get kicked out while enjoying the game.
Yes, you can easily spoof Pokemon Go using your Android or iOS device. You only need to have the right spoofing tool and have a bit of knowledge on how to get it and set it up for it to work in your favor. Generally, you’ll need to install it and launch it. Once you have launched it, you’ll again need to enter the location you wish to appear in and give it a couple of minutes to configure, and you’ll be set and ready to collect pokemon. 
Yes, as hard as it might sound, you can perfectly spoof on your iOS without jailbreaking if you use the right spoofing tool and know the proper steps to follow while setting it up. The best spoofing tool of all time is Spoofer Go, which has incredible features essential for an interactive Pokemon Go session. Additionally, it is free, making it even better to experience its cool features before securing it.  However, you must download a spoofer that matches your device to avoid inconveniences.  
Spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone has a lot of incredible ways and techniques you can use, but the best is using a quality spoofer. You need the authority to protect your data and avoid getting easily detected by Niantic to prevent a ban. A quality tool like Spoofer Go will ensure you have complete control over what happens while playing Pokemon and can alter the setting to fit your requirement. You’ll only need to head to Panda Helper, Alt Store, or its official website to get a spoofer, then launch it. Once you have launched it, you’ll have to enter the location you wish to turn to, log back into the game, and collect Pokemon.


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